Communication & Donor Engagement Strategies During COVID-19


In today’s fast changing fundraising landscape, communicating with donors and supporters is critical to your cause survival. With so much information swirling around, every nonprofit needs strategies to connect people to their missions and their fundraising.

Yet many nonprofits aren’t sure what to say, how to say it and where to communicate. So let’s talk strategy!

We will hear from two industry experts, Taylor Shanklin from Firecfly and nonprofit consultant Rachel Muir, CFRE on the art of communication during the COVID-19 crisis.

Join this lively panel discussion as we explore and learn vital communication strategies to:

  • Communicate with your donors in a crisis
  • Address COVID 19 in your fundraising
  • Overcome objections to fundraising
  • Manage board, top leadership and donor expectations


Hosted by:

Taylor Shanklin
Taylor Shanklin
VP of Growth
Firefly Partners

Rachel Muir
Rachel Muir
Fundraising Strategist