Attention-Focused Fundraising: A Modern Formula for Winning Donor Attention

On Demand Webinar

Workshop Duration: 90 minutes

In today’s virtual world, winning donor attention is now the variable of success in fundraising. Before you can tell anyone how great your programs are or the importance of your organization’s mission (AND well before you can ask them for money) you need to get their ATTENTION.

Join this interactive workshop with Raise 2020 Keynote Speaker, Ian Adair, to learn how to win donor attention through delivering valuable content.

Understand the modern formula for when/where/how your donors want to consume information and engage with your cause.

This workshop will cover:

  • Where donor attention is today
  • The 3 biggest mistakes nonprofits make communicating with donors
  • How to align content strategies with personal actions and behaviors
  • How to produce content that builds relationships with donors

Ian Adair is the Executive Director of the Gracepoint Foundation and was the Raise 2020 Keynote Speaker. He has over 20+ years experience in nonprofit fundraising and leadership. Ian has been named a Top 100 Charity Industry Influencer and one of the Top 30 Nonprofit Founders in America. He is the author of Stronger Than Stigma, a recent TedEx Speaker and avid conference/keynote speaker.


Hosted by:

Ian Adair
Ian Adair
Nonprofit CEO &
Raise 2020 Keynote

Jenna Jameson, Corporate Communications, OneCause
Jenna Jameson
Corporate Communications & Research