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How to Stand Out in a Crowded Giving Tuesday Arena

With OneCause Peer-to-Peer & Online Giving

Make it as simple (and engaging) as possible for your Giving Tuesday campaign STAND OUT.

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As a OneCause customer, we want to give you access to a LIVE Q&A with our Peer-to-Peer & Online Giving experts.

Giving Tuesday provides the ultimate platform to allow your donors to showcase their generosity and desire to bring about real change in their communities.

And the good news is — OneCause Peer-to-Peer & Online Giving solutions have the tools to power your fundraising success on Giving Tuesday and beyond.

Don’t let a Giving Tuesday campaign be just another thing to check off your fundraising to do list. Let’s figure out easy & engaging ways to stand out in a crowded 24-hour arena!

In this session, you’ll explore Giving Tuesday best practices and walk through a Peer-to-Peer site optimized for Giving Tuesday in an interactive format.

Key takeaways include how to:

  • Strategize communication leading up to Giving Tuesday.
  • Utilize your OneCause Peer-to-Peer and Online Giving platform to create an engaging Microsite even in a time crunch.
  • Map out giving experiences from start to finish.
  • Encourage and thank donors post-campaign.

Hosted by

Dawn Lego

Dawn Lego

Partner & Channel Content Marketing Director

Kim Hall

Kim Hall

Senior Peer-to-Peer Consultant

Meredith Dockery

Meredith Dockery

Senior Peer-to-Peer Consultant

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