Workshop: A Mission Statement is Not a Brand – Building a Great Nonprofit Brand

| Leadership & Storytelling | Mon, Sept 13, 2021

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90 Minute Interactive Workshop

Differentiating oneself is more important than ever before. In a noisy and vast sea of email campaigns, direct mail appeals and social media overload, getting the attention of donors can feel quite challenging and exhausting.

It might just be time for an intervention, a good look at your brand and a plan to cut through the noise. Branding is a critical component to fundraising sustainability, and it is a practice that is either often overlooked or confused with marketing. A strong brand is leads to financial health, building meaningful and long-lasting donor relationships, and successful events at your organization.

In this make-you-stop-and-think workshop, Taylor Shanklin, CEO of Barlele and brand strategist, will guide you through a branding journey.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the distinction between branding and marketing.
  • Build a stellar brand story for your organization.
  • Differentiate yourself and standout.
  • Create a brand guideline for your nonprofit.

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Taylor Shanklin

Taylor Shanklin

Founder and CEO, Barlele

Founder of Barlele, Taylor Shanklin has been leading brand strategy and marketing teams, and helping organizations scale their marketing strategy for over 14 years. She is a TEDx speaker, podcast host and big believer in focusing on what matters most to your audience in order to achieve lift-off and grow.