How to Create Mission Moments Throughout your Event

| Event & Auction Fundraising | Tues, Sept 14, 2021

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When attendees and donors feel connected to your mission that’s when the fundraising really begins. In this session, we will share how our organization grew our event from a $700,000 night to a $1.3m night in just two years by sharing more mission moments. We believe it’s all about sharing the mission in creative ways and we are excited to share how to do just that!

We will explain how to incorporate your mission in everything from your invitations to silent auction items. To emphasize these points, we will share sample case studies from our organization and others. Our session will include insights from our past events and how we incorporated the mission and other times we missed the opportunities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Incorporate your mission in more aspects of your events.
  • Repackage your branding and mission in an engaging and impactful way.
  • Identify ways to drive revenue through your mission.

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Melissa Macyauski

Melissa Macyauski

Fundraising Event Consultant, Holy Trinity High School

Melissa has dedicated the last ten years of her career to organizing and planning successful fundraising events across multiple markets in both national and local nonprofits. She uses her attention to detail and expertise to increase event revenue and streamline event expenses. She puts the mission of the organization at the forefront of the event messaging to ensure the donor sees the impact of their gift throughout the entire event experience. To Melissa, sharing the impact of the mission with event attendees is the most important aspect of the event. Melissa recently relocated back to her hometown of Nashville, TN with her husband and two young daughters. She enjoys good southern food, being in nature and spending time with her family.

Kacie Sassano

Kacie Sassano

Vice President of Advancement, Holy Trinity High School

For over a decade Kacie has focused her professional career on assisting nonprofits to share their mission and need with donors in a compelling and engaging manner. From national organizations, to world class museums, and Catholic schools Kacie helps organizations see their value and worthiness in their communities and beyond. Her work has resulted in significant fundraising increases while also decreasing deficits and increasing donor engagement. For Kacie, it’s all about diving into the mission and showing donors the impact of the dollar. Kacie lives in Chicago, IL with her husband and twin daughters. She enjoys spending time on the Great Lakes and exploring the Windy City with her family.