Breathe New Life Into Your Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: Part Two

| Peer-to-Peer & Online Giving | Tues, Sept 14, 2021

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We get the question almost daily from nonprofit fundraisers: “What trends are you seeing in online fundraising?” or “What creative ideas have you seen in recent peer-to-peer campaigns” This session will answer those questions. We will share several peer-to-peer campaigns with creative engagement ideas and discuss why they were successful.

We’ll feature a variety of campaign types (run-walk-ride, challenge, DIY, etc.) with the hopes that every fundraiser who attends will leave with ideas that they can implement into their own peer-to-peer and online fundraising campaigns.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand and implement best practices in peer-to-peer and online giving campaigns.
  • Creatively utilize engagement tools such as activities, live streaming, fitness tracking, etc.
  • Build a campaign with clear strategies to increase visibility and fundraising online.

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Kim Hall 2

Kim Hall 2

Senior Peer-to-Peer Consultant & Trainer, OneCause

Kim has 10+ years experience working with nonprofits to setup and execute both onsite and online fundraising campaigns. She started her career as a teacher, took time off to be home with her 3 children, and then found her way to BidPal/OneCause. Some of her favorite roles, currently are: Senior Peer-to-Peer Consultant & Trainer, Lifelong Learner, Creative Problem Solver, Helper, Speaker, Teacher, Mother, Wife, Nana, Friend, Reader, Musical Theatre Lover, TV Binge Watcher, Home Cook & Baker, Beginner Yogi, Dog Walker, Map Reader, Direction Giver, Extended Family IT/Software/Computer Support Specialist, Vacation Planner, Beach Lover and an Extrovert learning to embrace an Introvert lifestyle (due to the Pandemic).

Courtney Riedinger

Courtney Riedinger

OneCause Peer-to-Peer Consultant, OneCause

Courtney is a young professional who started her career as a Development Coordinator for the Norton Healthcare and Norton Children’s Hospital Foundations in Louisville, KY. She specialized in special events and community initiatives that included youth philanthropy, school fundraising, dance marathons, and peer-to-peer fundraising. As a former nonprofit client, Courtney brings a unique perspective her Peer-to-Peer Services role at OneCause – joining the list of many OneCausers who were previously fundraising professionals. Courtney is now a Peer-to-Peer Consultant and Support Analyst who has been focusing on ways to help customers improve utilization of their OneCause software.