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BidPal Ushers in Concert and Festival Season with Text2Give®

BidPal’s new Text2Give® fundraising tool is an affordable way for nonprofits to quickly engage donors

INDIANAPOLIS, May 21, 2015—BidPal, the leader in mobile bidding and fundraising technology for nonprofits, has introduced Text2Give®, offering nonprofits a new tool to leverage benefit concerts and festivals.

“We are passionate about developing more and more ways for nonprofits to connect with and engage their donors beyond the ballroom,” said BidPal CEO Steve Johns. “Text2Give® is the perfect tool for capturing donations at large events such as concerts, festivals, walks and races, and sporting events.”

Text2Give® can be used in conjunction with any event or campaign that a nonprofit chooses. Whether it’s during an annual gala, immediately following a natural disaster, or during Giving Tuesday, Text2Give® provides a fast, easy way to immediately collect donations from tens of thousands of donors.

“It was wonderful to be able to use BidPal’s Text2Give® solution at our Red or White Ball. Our guests were excited to be able to make contributions to Steppenwolf for Young Adults with their mobile phones during the event,” said Kendra Van Kempen, director of special events, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Chicago.

How does Text2Give® work?

A unique keyword is set up for the giving campaign and promoted before and during events, through e-blasts, broadcast, print, and social media, or any other means. Donors text the keyword to a designated short code to receive a text message and link from the nonprofit. A user-friendly landing page allows the donor to make a donation in either pre-specified amounts or any other amount.  Other features include an option for donors to cover processing fees, while a scoreboard shows real-time results to track progress against a goal, incentivize and further motivate donations. Funds are deposited directly into the nonprofit’s account, receipts are emailed directly to donors, and full donor data is securely captured to be exported to any donor database.

How is BidPal Different?

No other service sends the donation message through a local exchange. “We find that sending text messages from a local exchange makes the donors more inclined to complete the donation because it comes from a familiar area code,” said BidPal VP Product & Technology Rachel Clark.

Many text campaigns are associated with cell phone carriers, which simply add a $5 or $10 donation to the donor’s next cell phone bill. Not only does this grossly limit donation amounts, it also creates a substantial delay in receipt of funds for the nonprofit—as much as 90 days. Because Text2Give® donors make their donation using a credit or debit card, they can choose to donate any amount and funds are deposited directly into the nonprofit’s account. Also unlike traditional “carrier-billed” text campaigns, BidPal’s platform directs donors to a mobile site optimized for mobile devices and designed exclusively for the nonprofit’s campaign.

Try Text2Give®

To see how it works, simply text the word “DONATE” to “BIDPAL” (243725), click on the link, and make a donation. The credit card will not be charged. To encourage nonprofits to try the new tool, BidPal is offering special introductory pricing until July 31, 2015.

About BidPal, Inc.

BidPal creates Technology for Good® that helps nonprofits engage their constituents and raise more money. The company’s efficient, dynamic fundraising technology includes: fundraising software; event management solutions; mobile bidding; text to give, payment processing; ticketing; online fundraising; consulting services; and much more. To learn more, visit or call 1-888-729-0399.


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