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Duncan Schieb | Specialist Charity Auctioneer | Responsive Fundraising | Live Stream

Over $200M raised for non-profits. Mission Driven, Partnership Approach.

Australian-born and bred, Duncan Schieb has what they call a true “Australian Wanderlust.“ He was born in a small cattle town about seven hours drive northwest of Sydney, whereas a 12-year old, he started calling live auctions for his father’s cattle trading and real estate company.

From that time, Duncan has traveled the world and lived in the UK, Hong Kong, across Australia and now in New York City and has called over 15,000 auctions of all kinds – from real estate to fine art, jewelry, autos and antiques, as well as thousands of charity auctions.

Over $200M raised for non-profits.
Specialist Fundraising for Gala, Special and Corporate Events
Corporate Event Engagement, Fundraising, and Event CSR Solutions

Charity Auctioneer & Paddle Raise
Emcee (if required)
Strategic Audit & Review of previous years events
Fundraising Ideas
Technology review
Post Event Review

Procurement of Auction Items
Technology Review
Multi-Channel Marketing Solutions
Video Marketing | Branding |Mission | Event
Inspirational Storytelling
CAUSE Marketing Opportunities
Sponsorship & Partnership Development
Major Gift HNW Philanthropic Real Estate & Luxury Asset Realization/Management
Year-round support, help, and advice
Livestreaming Events

Duncan is a licensed and bonded Auctioneer
Licensed Auction House
Licensed Real Estate Agent (NY)
Member of National Auctioneers Association
Member of Association of Fundraising Professionals
20 Years of Professional Auction and Consulting Experience covering Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Asia

Duncan recently joined the OneCause team on a webinar covering Live Streaming Virtual Events for Nonprofits.

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Duncan is one of the most creative, energetic people I know. His experience with marketing, storytelling, videography, sales and auctioneering combine in unique ways that help him see and create opportunities for clients and companies they otherwise would have missed. He's one of those rare talents that can spot growth potential, apply a variety of disciplines to capture them, and drive initiatives to great results.

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  • Mission Driven
  • Strategic Approach