Introducing: OneCause Virtual and Live Stream Event Software

We are so excited to announce the release of the new Virtual and Live Stream Event software.Virtual Event Center - OneCause

For events where the online experience is critical to fundraising success, the new Virtual and Live Stream Event software enables nonprofits to connect with donors in community engagement and giving activity before, during, and after the event.

It provides easy-to-use tools for you to program a high-quality virtual event experience and communicate the most important messages at the right time throughout the event – ultimately, driving more fundraising activity and proceeds to fuel your mission.

In wake of COVID-19 and the fast-changing fundraising landscape, nonprofits need versatile options to engage remote supporters and keep fundraising!

Virtual Event Center - The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm

At the start of 2020, fundraising events looked like they had been for years, with the average nonprofit holding one or two main fundraising events annually to fund the entirety of their programming.

Typically, most of their activity fit inside a 3-4 hour window (not counting ticket sales, pre-seeded donations, sponsorships, and early bidding activity) and included silent auctions, live auctions, donation appeals (fund-a-needs), and the sale of fixed price items (raffles, merchandise, etc).

Then came COVID-19. It changed everything.

Every nonprofit faced the same wave of uncertainty as events were canceled, postponed and may pivoted fast to move online. What quickly became obvious to the nonprofit world was the need to think of events differently. Fundraisers were left to rethink through big questions:

  • How do I reimagine my events?
  • What strategies engage donors online?
  • How can I deliver virtual programming?
  • Where can I centralize my online event activities?

Virtual Event Center - Redefining an Event

Redefining an Event

The world of fundraising has changed. Nonprofits need help trading ballrooms for family rooms, stages for screens, and in-person entertainment for a new level of online engagement.

And while OneCause customers have long been able to execute donation appeals and high-quality auctions online, the post-COVID world called for the next level of virtual event software.

The Next Level: Seamless Donor Experience

This meant delivering as many of the components one would experience at an in-person event, but through a high-quality virtual event experience.

For the donor, this means create online experiences that enable supporters to:

  • Engage with the event using a single device (mobile, tablet or desktop)
  • Register to effortlessly gain access to the virtual event
  • Consume content before, during, and after the virtual event
  • Explore why supporting the mission of the Nonprofit matters
  • Donate through traditional means (e.g. fund-a-need, live appeal)
  • Bid effortlessly in silent and live auctions without leaving the broadcast (i.e. live stream)
  • Purchase raffle tickets and other fixed price options

The Next Level: Seamless Event Setup for Nonprofits

For nonprofits, this means delivering an online fundraising experience and being able to:

  • Launch virtual events quickly and easily with a streamlined virtual run-of-show
  • Employ easy-to-use tools to build a fun, memorable, and successful virtual event
  • Communicate with the audience at key points before, during, and after the event
  • Build a sense of community with donors that help drive connection and fundraising success
  • Create an environment where donors are having fun with every component of the event
  • Incorporate and provide valuable exposure for sponsors
  • Execute events that fuel the fundraising engine throughout the year

We are so excited to introduce our new Virtual and Live Stream Event software! It will help nonprofits take their virtual events to a new level by creating engaging online experiences that connect supporters to their mission, anytime and anywhere. Moving beyond the ballroom with livestream, pre-recorded videos, and built-in fundraising tools, will enable nonprofits to keep fundraising in new ways, now and beyond COVID-19. – Stephanie Raggozino, Chief Product Officer, OneCause

Virtual Event Center - Taking a Closer Look

Taking a Closer Look

It’s worth taking time to break down the new capabilities. This new virtual fundraising tool has three main components: the Site, the Story, and the Show.

Let’s take a deeper dive!

The Site

Virtual Event Center - OneCause mobile

The Site is the ‘homebase’ of everything related to your event. It’s the hub for your virtual fundraising and donor engagement activity:

  • Website where your virtual attendees register pre-event
  • One-stop shop for fundraising activity (auctions, raffles, fundraising challenges, targeted achievements)
  • Multi-media mission experience where supporters can learn about your mission
  • Entertainment portal where attendees consume compelling video and livestream content

From your supporter’s perspective, the Site is the “virtual ballroom” for your event.

The Site also provides nonprofits with creative opportunities long before the event, turning registrants into repeat visitors who are welcome to interact with ever-changing content about your cause, sponsors, auction items, and donate.

Laced with new and innovative donation opportunities, such as targeted achievements, the Site drives fundraising and influences the programming for the event itself.

The Story

As a Nonprofit, you will need a place to tell your story in conjunction with the event. And that’s where The Story comes in.

The Story is a multimedia content area where you can:

  • Communicate your mission + impact
  • Provide information about the event
  • Highlight content or create visual storytelling
  • Motivate donors to fundraise (e.g. purchasing raffle tickets).

Virtual Event Center - OneCause Story

No need for graphic design costs here, the Story editor makes it simple to upload and edit content for the Site.

The Show

Organizing and displaying content can be a challenge for virtual events, especially when there are multiple video and livestream assets. With the new Virtual and Live Stream Event software, you can easily manage and activate your event program, including live stream and pre-recorded video content for the event. It simplifies the process by allowing nonprofits to:

  • Stitch together its multi-media content
  • Easily compile and produce high-quality programming
  • Control program elements at the press of a button
  • Organize and activate video components
  • Switch between live, recorded, and livestream options

Remove the headaches of stitching together multiple platforms and enjoy an anxiety-free live event.

And since all donor functions lives alongside your video broadcast, your donors never have to leave, reload, or navigate back to the stream in order to make a donation or bid on auction items.

Virtual Event Center - Building the Future of Fundraising

Building the Future of Fundraising

Today, the new Virtual and Live Stream Event software helps nonprofits truly connect their donors with their missions, even though that audience (or a portion of it) is not gathered at a physical event.

Creating that sense of a giving community before, during, and after the virtual event – and delivering a delightful, online experience anytime, anywhere – is critical to fundraising success in this new virtual world.

We plan to enhance its capabilities over the coming year: developing deeper auction functionality, more ways to segment and communicate with donors, enhanced reporting, and much more.

Interested in learning more? Take the OneCause Virtual Fundraising Test Drive today! If you are a customer, reach out to your Customer Success Manager to chat about using this functionality at your next virtual or live stream event.