Cast a Donation Vote Using OneCause

Our nonprofit clients never cease to amaze us with their creative uses of mobile bidding software. Used for so much more than silent auctions, each unique engagement helps generate more revenue.

One of our favorite examples is casting a “donation vote” right from your smartphone.  A simple voting contest is set up using make-a-donation buttons—one dollar equals one vote. At the end of the night, the person or item with the most donations wins!

4 of our favorite voting contests include:

Vote for Your Favorite DancerDonation Votingused for many “Dancing with the Stars” events

Vote for Your Favorite Teacher/Classroom – used for many school auctions to help a class win a field trip, classroom supplies, classroom party, etc.

Vote for Your Favorite Chef – often used for tasting or famous chef events

Vote for Your Favorite Boxer/Fighter – used frequently for “Fight Night” events

Organizations also can integrate OneCause customizable Scoreboard technology to display the real-time standings and results of the polling.

And the winner is…you!

We’ve gathered a few additional resources to help inspire your year-round use of OneCause’s intuitive Fundraising Suite software: