Best Occasions for Using Video Content to Drive Donations

With several complimentary or low cost online video editing services out there, it can be relatively easy to promote your nonprofit organization and mission via this medium. Video can be very powerful and there are endless possibilities for using it to to further your mission.

Video presents an invaluable opportunity to engage your supporters. We’ve gathered 4 tips on how to incorporate video into your next fundraising campaign.

Top Video Sharing Opportunities

Inspire Your Audience and Create a Sense of Urgency

By showing a video just before your event’s live appeal for donations (also known as Fund-A-Need). There are few better donation motivation methods for your event attendees.

“When using a video as a key component prior to the appeal it is essential that the video be perfect,” adds Col. Ben Farrell of Custom Benefit Auctions. “Remember your video should be as short as possible and as long as needed to be effective.” The pre-appeal video should open with an attention-grabber so you know everyone is watching the screen. Include at least one beneficiary’s heart-warming success story to connect to your attendees’ emotions. Foreshadow the donation appeal but don’t ask for donations during the video. Instead, emphasize the incredible impact that charitable gifts have on your mission. Communicating the results achieved by your donors’ gifts is one of the strongest ways to influence charitable giving.

Defining the purpose of your video will help you craft its message and define its target audience. As with all marketing content, ensure that your video message is clear, consistent and donor-centric and that you’re sharing an impactful story related to your cause.

Reach Millennials

According to the 2015 Millennial Impact Report, 84% of employed millennials donated to charity in 2014. Today’s innovations have “…shaped the ways that Millennials interact with technology and seem to have affected their expectations for creativity” in their lives.  They are searching for original content and you can provide that via video.

30% of the millennials that donated in 2014 did so via an online giving platform.

Your organization can easily reach this segment of the population via mobile devices. They know technology very well and therefore are much more likely to respond to video. According to Google, “delivering content-rich mobile and video experiences is now critical to successfully reaching your [supporters].

GO VIRAL. Remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? Of course you do! Video is an ideal way to get others involved and to promote your cause across social media networks, especially Facebook and YouTube. When uploading to YouTube, add a detailed description and as many relevant tags as possible to boost your video’s reach in search results.

65% of social media usage and 51% of internet searches happen on a mobile phone. When sharing your video in email campaigns and embedding video on your website, ensure your platforms are mobile-friendly. Responsive design is recommended by Google. It optimizes the user experience based on the device in use.

OneCause partner Bradley University recently shared their first Giving Tuesday experience, which incorporated a number of videos. Alison Morrissey, Associate VP of Advancement at Bradley explained in a recent webinar that, although they deployed traditional methods of engagement, they focused on social media promotions. Bradley filmed several videos, including a Giving Tuesday appeal as well as a gracious thank you message.

Educate Your Supporters

Video as communication is typically much more effective and efficient than an email or photo as you can combine words with imagery. Therefore, it’s a great for pedagogical messages. OneCause partner Marian High School published a Text2Give® how-to video to teach their supporters how to donate via mobile device. Marian made this short clip fun and informative.

OneCause partner Live Like Bella also uses YouTube. Their videos educate viewers on the importance of funding “innovative pediatric cancer research” and supporting families affected by childhood cancer. The Live Like Bella YouTube channel has earned over 10,236 total views on 18 videos!

We can’t wait to see what creative videos you come up with! Feel free to share your creations with us at and they may show up in a future post!